By Deniss Raider

Should you outsource link building or do it in-house?

October 26, 2022

With years of experience, we’re confident to say that nowadays, outsourcing link building is the way to go for many reasons.

What many don’t realise is that in-house link building is a very resource-consuming process. It requires at least 1 full-time professional with years of experience in link building and a strong relationship build up with publishers, service providers and webmasters.

It can work, but not without sacrifices and no additional help. 

The truth is, link building is truly a full-time job that is nearly impossible to manage without assistance and a professional writer. It all comes down to the fact that one person will be overloaded with organisational and routine tasks, which will dramatically slow down link building. For this “one-man-army” department to work, a lot of manual work will have to be delegated to other departments and this will unfortunately overload them as a tradeoff.

See the problem? It’s obvious that it’s too much work for one person and if you don’t have a dedicated team, you will not be able to scale. The reality is, you just can’t be spending months on acquiring 1-2 links while your competitor is outsourcing 20 high DA/DR links every month, it’s a race you won’t win and a recipe for failure at this point.

With that being said, fortunately, there is a solution! We’re happy to share some of the strongest benefits that make hundreds of our clients’ lives much easier when outsourcing link building by using our self-service platform – MotherLink.

50K+ domains in one place

When doing link building yourself, you want to make sure you have a very good understanding of the workflow. You should have the ability to organise your process using 3rd party tools and be ready to spend days in infinite excel sheets, as this is exactly what you will be doing most of your time. 

Would you rather: 

  • spend all day searching for relevant domains, 
  • reach out to hundreds of publishers daily, 
  • email publishers and webmasters back and forth and negotiate, 
  • follow up and keep track of all your contacts,
  • organise all this process in endless excel sheets,

Or would you better: 

  • simply browse, filter, sort an up-to-date database of high authority domains, 
  • organise and keep track of your campaigns through a user friendly online platform, 
  • never have to deal with publishers, service providers or content writers
  • focus on the bigger picture.

Without a doubt, the second option is what brings faster results, removes routine work, reduces stress and hundreds of our clients think the same way. 

By outsourcing link building through the MotherLink self-service platform – essentially you’re taking advantage of a well organised process. Essentially, MotherLink will become an extension of your workflow and you will have the time to focus on other things, important to outrank your competition.

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Content in 31 languages – order in just few clicks

We all know that you need good content when acquiring links. You need links from websites with real authority and real traffic and unless your content is “right on spot”, the publishers will refuse to work with you. 

Furthermore, there is always a risk you will end up becoming a middle man between the publisher and your writer. You might end up sending the edited content back and forth until the publisher will start ghosting you, which is a very common thing in this industry. Now imagine how fun is that?

What about the AI tools that generate quality content? Well… it can work for some domains, but there is a big risk for Google to penalise you. Nowadays Google’s algorithm is capable of distinguishing relevant, useful content from something generic. Especially from a content produced by using AI powered software tools. 

Having said that, you will avoid all this headache if you outsource link building through the MotherLink platform:

  • user friendly way to add your content requirements
  • content written by native writers
  • negotiations with publishers on our side
  • nothing goes live until you confirm the content
  • free of charge content amendments

Point is – good content is essential. We’re extremely proud to say that since 2017 we have written over 12 000 engaging articles and we always encourage our content writers to stay creative with their work. At MotherLink we pursue to take all client’s requirements into account and follow the best practices in content writing for link building campaigns.

No more chaos in your financial department

Doing link building yourself will involve dealing with shady invoicing:

  • invoices from unregistered entities
  • sketchy payments without invoices
  • payments multiple different currencies

This type of work typically brings chaos to the financial department. Additionally, a high risk of slowing down the overall efficiency of the company.

On the other hand, with MotherLink, you have a seamless and straightforward payment experience. You can do VISA/MASTERCARD, ApplePay, GooglePay and WIRE TRANSFER payments and more options coming soon.

The main thing is, you can fully rely on our automatic invoicing system when outsourcing link building through the MotherLink platform. We deal with all financial operations internally and our platform generates invoices according to the European standards.

Note: MotherLink is a registered, Estonian entity, with a head office located in Tallinn.

The customer care team is always ready to help!

Saying that the industry is flooded with people who just don’t care – is an understatement and there is a reason for that. 

Unless you have a solid relationship with the publisher, you can expect not hearing back for weeks. Even following up every day might not help. Truth is, the market is just extremely crowded. Most publishers are just tired of countless, generic outreach emails they receive daily. Therefore don’t expect a “michelin star” service when dealing with link building yourself.

At MotherLink we believe that the most important thing we can do as a company is to value your time. In case you have any questions, our customer care team will be delighted to help you out. When outsourcing link building through MotherLink platform, there is an integrated customer support channel available for you at all times. You can expect talking to our professionals Mo-Fr in between 10am-18pm (Estonian time).

Bottom line

Outsourcing link building by using a self-service platform MotherLink – removes the need to hire people and manage a full team. This comes down to being a cheaper, more efficient and result-consistent alternative. 
Want to learn more? We’re happy to run you through our platform at any time, book a demo and create a free account today!

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