Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find more information about MotherLink and the services we offer.

Yes, you will have an opportunity to upload your content when you complete the order or you can do it later from “Orders”.

The minimum word count is 600 words, articles must be related website's topic and synergise with the topic of your project/website.

No advertising or sponsored tags.

All links are “do-follow” and will exist as long as the website where the publication is placed is up and running.

The publication will include your link, as well as external links (not to your competitors), several internal links to make the publication natural and informative for readers, as well as search engines (randomly within set limits).

If your link got rejected or not active for some reason, the platform will automatically return tokens to your account in full amount with additional 5%, for your inconvenience.

In this case, our platform's algorithm will automatically offer you a similar quality, language, TLD, and price range website as a replacement.

Note: Rejections might happen due to the nature of the business. However, we keep our database updated and our rejection rate is below 5%.

Our platform allows you to acquire “Content Marketing Placement Tokens” to purchase services through the MotherLink platform.

As soon as your order is finalised, the invoice will be issued for the number of tokens purchased.

All Invoices will be issued by our company, which is registered within the EU and has a valid VAT.

Once the “Content Marketing Placement Tokens” are purchased, you can only use them on the MotherLink platform to pay for our services.

It is not possible to withdraw or receive a refund once the tokens are purchased.

Yes absolutely! In case you're not a SEO specialist and you need help with our platform or your order, our SEO managers will be happy to assist you at any time.

If you don’t want to pick websites for yourself, our SEO managers can do it for you.

At this point we'd need you to contact us directly and we will make it a priority to help you.

MotherLink Platform has a “Projects” feature that allows you to exclude domains you already have for a specific project.

Yes, you can! “Blacklist” feature allows you to customise marketplace search results in a way that you will not get distracted with the websites that you don’t want to see or already have linked to your site.

This feature serves only one purpose - to maximise search result efficiency and minimise browsing efforts.

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