Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find more information about MotherLink and the services we offer.

MotherLink is a platform for trusted businesses only. We verify all accounts to make sure we only work with real, law-abiding companies. Verification is performed manually by our Verification team during the business days from 10:00 till 18:00 Estonian time.

Unfortunately no. This feature might be added in the future.

Yes, you can add up to 8 business entities to your account and they will be ready to use after the verification process is completed for these entities.

The account verification may take up to 2 business days.

If you received an email to reset the registration, likely we’re not able to verify your account using the information you have provided.

Our Platform has three tiers. Each Tier allows you to see different amounts of un-blurred websites. Purchasing our products for more than 3000 will reveal you half of the websites, 6000 euro will reveal you all the websites. If you would like to see the website before you purchase and you still don't have 2nd or 3rd Tier in our platform, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Websites accepting gambling, sports betting, lottery, forex articles can be found by turning on the “Specific” filter. The “Gambling” filter can be found on the left sidebar of the market page.

Most orders are completed within 2 weeks after the invoice is paid. The TAT highly depends on our communication with the clients, webmasters response rate and the accuracy of the initial requirements provided.

Yes, we only sell do-follow links.

All the links purchased though the Motherlink marketplace are non sponsored. However, if you need sponsored links, feel free to add this request during the checkout on Content Requirements, or make a manual request here:

MotherLink provides the information regarding the duration of the content placement for all domains. This information can be found in the “Pro view” of the market. Please note: the duration of the content placement is a promise from the domain owner to MotherLink, but not a guarantee. This applies to all domains except the ones with a duration of one year minimum.

We accept VISA/MASTERCARD and WIRE TRANSFER payments. More payment methods are added a we develop the platform and the full list can be found at the checkout.

As we’re an Estonian company, 20% VAT/TAX applies to all European companies with VAT number and to all Estonian companies with or without VAT/TAX number.

MotherLink may reject some orders for technical reasons or last minute changes coming from the webmasters of the ordered domains.

In case of a reject you will be offered in-store credits totaling the exact value of the failed part of your original order. Re-placing sites of previously rejected orders is not possible. In case no alternative can be agreed on, the failed part of your original order will be refunded to the same account the payment was made from.

MotherLink is responsible only for publishing the content on selected domains and not tracking the status of your publications. MotherLink will not notify you in case the content placement has been removed by the domain owner.

MotherLink will provide articles with a standard length of 500-550 words unless specified otherwise by you. Additional fees for content writing will apply in that case.

MotherLink writes the content according to your requirements and will only send the content for publishing after your approval. You agree and understand that after you have approved the content, it may be still amended by the webmaster or the website owner to be compliant with the website rules. In most cases such amendments are purely cosmetic and not affecting the overall context of the content

The content varies depending on the ordered domain in order to look natural and not to contain too much promotional content. Articles will contain the requested anchor text(s) and target URL(s) and may have up to 2 outbound links to reputable sources. MotherLink guarantees that such links will not be associated with your competitors. Articles may contain outbound links only to one single project specified by you. You reserve the right to specify the topic of the articles in advance.

Some websites may not accept publications related to gambling, forex, sports betting and other similar niches, regulated by the government. These types of websites are shown under the “Gambling” filter in the MotherLink platform and it is your responsibility to make sure your content requirements apply to the selected websites, before you place the order. You understand that ordering a gambling related publication for a non “Gambling” website will result in MotherLink rejecting that part of the order.

When ordering content from MotherLink, you are entitled to 2 amendments to each content piece. In this case, the number of edits to each content piece may not exceed 2. The content can be edited to match your standards and requirements. However, certain key specifications including the length of the article, the number of links, the topic (if agreed beforehand with you) cannot be modified after your approval. If you wish to modify the content significantly by changing one or more of the key specifications described before, an extra fee will be charged.

If you wish to rewrite the content completely, this is considered to be a rejected publication. In this case you will be offered in-store credits matching the exact value of the failed part of your original order and offered to place another order, using the in-store credits. In case no alternative can be agreed on, the failed part of your original order will be refunded to the same account the payment was made from.

You can talk to the support team Mo-Fr in between 9am-5pm Estonian time via the support live chat or leave your enquiry at

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