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The MotherLink Platform is currently in its beta testing period, to ensure that our clients
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide equal advertising possibilities for every internet business, and our goal is to make digital content marketing trustworthy, informative and valuable for all search engine users. We expect our clients to not just promote their business or services, but to contribute useful and relevant information to the digital environment, that is, nowadays, overloaded with promotional content.





our staff of writers can produce the highest quality content for all the regions that are represented within our platform. We also allow you to use your own content, as long as it meets our quality standards.



the platform has a separate filter which allows you to access the imposing database of websites which allow articles with a backlink to betting and gambling projects. Amount of rejections is under 5%.


Referal program

We have a program that allows you to get between 3-5% of your money back from the order quantities directly into your PayPal account. Bring your company or clients to our platform and start earning!



our average TAT (Turn Around Time) is two business weeks – perfect if your digital campaign’s running time is limited. All links are do-follow, permanent and do not contain promotional or sponsored tags.


Vast Selection

our platform offers you access to more than 5000 websites, hosted in 15 different countries. This huge selection provides you with a wide-open space to advertise your business, products or services.



Our clients’ privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Because of this, we never disclose who our clients are and are committed to keeping their information as safe and secure as practically possible.



our company is officially registered in Estonia, within the EU. You’ll receive official invoices for purchased services from our platform. For payment, we accept bank transfers and PayPal. We are VAT registered.


By professional to professionals

Our aim is to make the link acquisition process easy, affordable and fast! Over the past few years, we’ve built more than 7000 publications for over 100 clients. Our satisfaction rate is close to 100%.


Customer Support

if you’ll need our assistance at any point or have any questions, our professional team of operational managers will be right there to help you along every step of the process. No one gets left behind!

How to Start?


Sign-Up & Create Your Project

Fill in your business details and get access to your user cabinet. Inside the platform you can create “projects” which allow you to separate website selection, if you have more than one website.


Make Your Order

Select the websites you would like to have a publication on and fill in the details about that future publication. Our unique set of filters allow you to find the websites you’re looking for quickly and easily.


Review the Content

After your order is confirmed, our staff of writers will create content based on the information you provided and will inform you when it’s ready. MotherLink allows you to review the content within the platform, as well as suggest enhancements or even upload your own content.


Go Live!

Track your live publications from inside the platform and watch your projects grow. MotherLink allows you to export order information directly from the platform.


Need personal approach?

Our specialists can advise you if you need extra consultation in SEO industry or in case, if you want to offer us long-term project

Q & A

Can I use my own content for the publications?


Yes, you will have an opportunity to upload your content when you complete the order or later from the “Orders” area.

What are the content specifications?


The minimum word count is 600 words and articles must be related to the website topic and synergise with the topic of your project/website. No advertising or sponsored tags. All links are “do-follow” and will exist as long as the website where the publication is placed is up and running. The publication will include your link, as well as external links (not to your competitors), and several internal links to make the publication natural and informative for readers and search engines (randomly within set limits).

What happens if a website I picked will rejects my link?


After a website rejects your link, the platform will automatically return ad tokens to your account in the amount of the price of the declined domain and you will be granted with an additional +5% of the rejected domain price, as we respect your time. In this case, our platform algorithm will automatically offer you a similar quality, language, TLD, and price range website as a replacement. Rejections might happen in several instances due to the nature of the business, we keep our database updated and our rejection rate is under 5%.

Will I receive an invoice for purchased services?


Our platform allows you to acquire “Content Marketing Placement Tokens” that gives you the possibility to purchase services inside the Motherlink platform. As soon as you complete the purchase, the invoice will be issued for the number of tokens purchased. Invoices will be issued by our company, which is registered within the EU and is VAT registered.

Can I withdraw CMP tokens from the platform?


Once the “Content Marketing Placement Tokens” are purchased, you can only spend them inside the Motherlink platform to purchase our services. It will not be possible to withdraw or receive a refund for them.

Can I work with you directly bypassing the platform?


Yes, we offer this workflow for our larger clients, who might have their own platform for these kind of off-page SEO services. Contact us here to discuss a potential collaboration.

I don’t know what are our keywords, can you help me?


Yes, in case you are not an SEO specialist and you need help with our platform or data for the orders, our SEO managers will be on hand to help you. Please contact us here to get assistance.

I don’t want to pick domains myself, can you do it for me?


If you don’t want to pick websites for yourself, our SEO managers can do it for you. Purchase “Content Marketing Placement Tokens” and let us know your business goals and the other information we need, and our team of specialists will do it all for you. Please contact us here to discuss this type of cooperation.

I have several projects, how I can make sure I don’t get offered a website twice for a single project?


Our platform has a “Projects” feature that allows you to exclude the domains you already have for a certain project.

I have a list of websites that my project has links from, can I exclude them from the website selection list of the MotherLink platform?


We have a functionality that allows you to upload the list of websites you already work with and then exclude them from the list of websites we offer you cooperation with. We will NOT use your information for our business, this functionality was developed strictly for our client’s comfort and to minimise the time of website selection.

Still have a questions?

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