Personal Approach Section

If you're here, it may mean that...

Your project is very specific and you need a private approach

You need a SEO consultation before starting the work

You want direct work bypassing the Motherlink platform

Why MotherLink?

Motherlink is a company specialised in link acquisition and it’s platform is currently working with more than 50 medium to large sized companies, operating in many different business areas, all over the globe. During our 3 years in operation, our team has managed to earn our clients more than 10 million euros in net profit, with an average ROI of 670%. Throughout this period, we’ve built over 10,000 high-quality publications in 19 different global regions.

SEO Industry Headache (Nuances)

Search Engine Authority Boost

All specialists in the SEO and wider marketing industries know that the link acquisition and/or outreach processes are highly time-consuming and expensive activities to engage in, especially if you care about your project and don’t want your website to be penalised for purchasing low quality links.

This makes it a real struggle for SEO managers around the globe. In addition, companies that are being represented in several regions must acquire backlinks from the regions where the business operates, which increases the workload dramatically. MotherLink can solve all of the above mentioned issues and will ensure you never experience budget underspend issues again.

To stand out from your competitors, you must look real, have high authority, and be related to your industries’ websites to build the authority of your project and allow it to be found via search engines. Link acquisition is not enough to outrank your competitors, even if you’ve already optimised your websites with the latest SEO techniques, and published high-quality content that will answer the user’s query, you still need authority to get displayed within search engines.


Work with Law-abiding EU Based Company

It is important to mention that it is not rare to find service providers or webmasters that want to receive payments via Skrill or similar platforms, thus avoiding taxation, meaning you cannot expect proper invoices for the conducted services. In this case, your company’s financial department will not allow you to acquire such services.

The MotherLink brand belongs to 7 Figures OÜ (Reg. Number - 14315718), based in Estonia, Tallinn.

The Benefits of Working Directly with MotherLink

Aside from the MotherLink platform, we offer corporate clients the possibility to work with us, bypassing the platform. For our private clients we offer the following benefits:

Assistance with website selection for your SEO campaign

On-page SEO consultation & website audit

Consulting with your corporate SEO department

The possibility to work within your corporate link acquisition software

An audit of your current link building strategy and backlink portfolio analysis

The complete outsource of link acquisition activities to Motherlink